8 Best Tool Bags for Carpenter – Framer Tool Pouch Belts

Carpenter is one of the most respectable and tough trades in home construction. It all starts from framing, therefore performance has to be close to ideal. Throughout years carpenters had newer equipment and tools that made work slightly easier.

Remodel on Point decided to make a list for top 9 best tool bags for carpenter and here is what we found.

Our Recommended ChoiceCLC Custom Leathercraft I923XCLC Custom Leathercraft I923X
Item that Serves Longest TimeMcGuire-Nicholas Tool & Fastener RigMcGuire-Nicholas Tool & Fastener Rig
Voted Top by ProfessionalsOccidental Leather 5520Occidental Leather 5520
Newest on the MarketCarpenters Tool Pouch 3251Carpenters Tool Pouch 3251
Quality between High Cost ItemsOccidental Leather 9855Occidental Leather 9855
Highest Inquiries on InternetCLC Custom Leathercraft 2823CLC Custom Leathercraft 2823
Well Known and Reputable BrandCustom Leathercraft 1620Custom Leathercraft 1620 Tool Bag
Recommended for Safety UseBucket Boss 3 Bag Tool Belt 55185-HVOYBucket Boss 3 Bag Tool Belt 55185-HVOY

Other brands may have similar our even better quality. Our reasoning for selection is strictly our opinion based on internet reviews, availability of product in US and tested quality. For more questions on specific products please email our team.

1. CLC Custom Leathercraft I923X

CLC Custom Leathercraft I923X

Suede Carpenter’s Nail and Tool Bag

  • COLORS: Brown
  • BRAND: Custom Leathercraft
  • MATERIAL: Leather

Reasons to Buy

Very compact3 pockets for nails and screws
Heavy duty leather materialBest for beginners and pros

Description: As you can already read in the name of this carpenters bag has 10 pockets for various items. This item was manufactured to last long time without ripping apart or getting damaged during work. This bag is made of heavy duty leather and polyester fabric materials. The idea is to create time and energy saving holder for tools that beginners and professionals can use.

What Others Say About This Item:

Lionel from Pittsburgh: This exact tool bag I bought several month ago and now use it on smaller frame projects only. There is a trick to wear it by hip instead of waste line. Recommend to all who needs carpenter bag

Rickey Hopkins from Cincinnati: So it took me a while to purchase this bag although my coworkers recommend it to me for maybe a year now. Im sure it will not last more than 2-3 years, but the good thing about it is it will not split with nails and screws stuck at the bottom of pockets

Dolores Douglas from Denver: The pouch is a great value, I cannot count how many times before I was dropping nails and screws to pick up. Not only you have to bend down like 100 times but its super annoying. So yea this pouch has been working great for me and literally for under $30 it saves me energy and patience ).

2. McGuire-Nicholas Tool & Fastener Rig

McGuire-Nicholas Tool & Fastener Rig

Durable Oil Tanned Leather Construction

  • COLORS: Brown
  • BRAND: Rooster Products
  • MATERIAL: Oil Tanned Leather

Reasons to Buy

Has super sharp looksOutstanding quality
Long lasting itemDouble strip adjustable belt

Description: At McGuire-Nicholas our mission is to create best quality and long lasting products for carpenters. With quality design that has been proven by years of use and testing we are able to come up with best placement solutions for new carpenter tools. Every several years we change our models because tools that are used by trade change in size and shape. McGuire-Nicholas is proud to serve North America with top quality carpenters bags and trade items.

What Others Say About This Item:

Tracey from Fresno: Absolutely in love with this carpenters belt. It has all the holders and pockets for specific tools I use at work. So far I have no complaints about durability of this item. Obviously all carpenters bags have slots for tools but not all of them as organized. Although first few weeks it was confusing to have the hammer in between pockets, but I got used to it fast.

Greg from Henderson: I got this as a gift for my husband. He would never get rid of his old pouch for tools but it has seen better years and I wanted to surplice me. He was slightly sceptical on first few days, but now says it is so much better than old one he had. Very happy I choice this carpenters bag.

Julius from Lincoln: I got this bag for my cousin during holidays. I already have exactly the same bag and it has been with me for about 4 years. Want to recommend seller and delivery speed as well as confirm that this bag is top quality.

3. Occidental Leather 5520

Occidental Leather 5520

5 in 1 Best Tool for Carpenter with Holder

  • COLORS: Brown and Black
  • BRAND: Occidental Leather
  • MATERIAL: Leather

Reasons to Buy

Smallest professional tool pouchVery affordable pouch
Great for small jobsUsed as additional pouch

Description: For smaller projects and carpenter jobs Occidental Leather created unique tool bag for carpenters. It hold most used 5 items which are pencil, screw driver, hammer, some sort of pliers and knife. This item is not over complicated and can be used on any job. We felt that with fewer tools, some type of work can be more comfortable with avoiding tools and large tool bags that are not needed.

What Others Say About This Item:

Johnathan Poole from Arlington: At first I thought that this bag is a little overpriced. Well that’s because you look at it and it so small and costs like some other regular size carpenter bags. After few weeks I realized that it’s the quality that matters. I use it on smaller projects and it is compact. Do not need to put anything extra that I don’t need on small frame projects.

Randy Swanson from Oklahoma City: If anyone is looking for basics, than this is the item for you. I believe it’s the best tool bag for carpenter that is just learning or involved in DIY home project. Why would you get huge pouch with over 20 pockets for the tools you will never buy.

Clayton Romero from Albuquerque: I have been looking for something like this for a while. I often go on job to fix already built frame and I need simple items like knife, hammer, carpenters pencil, measure tape and maybe a screwdriver. This bag just serves the purpose.

4. Carpenters Tool Pouch 3251

Carpenters Tool Pouch 3251

Leather Gold Heavy Duty Framer Tool Pouch

  • COLORS: Maroon
  • BRAND: Leather Gold
  • MATERIAL: Alloy Steel, Leather

Reasons to Buy

Easy to cleanMade with top quality leather
Large compartments for multiple toolsOne of newest bags

Description: This new model is manufactured to last at least 8 years if used properly. Made with high quality leather and heavy duty threads that attaches 10 pockets for various carpenter tools. We have received compliments for design and durability from many users within first few month as we did tests and gave this bag to professional carpenters for trials.

What Others Say About This Item:

Lisa from Toledo: I bought this bag because it has support lips for two hammers. Definitely not for everyone, but I often work with left and right hand on ladder. So having option for two hammers was the selling point for me.

Kenneth from St. Paul: I can say that his is the best tool bag for carpenters and its badass. For the faction of the price you get quality leather and its as good as Occidental. I have been framing for over 25 years and know what im saying.

Amos from Sacramento: I very like this pouch bag and use it every day. I am carpenter in Sacramento and my daughter help me buy this on amazon.

5. Occidental Leather 9855

Occidental Leather 9855

Fit Fat Lip Tool Bag Set

  • COLORS: Cafe
  • BRAND: Leather Gold
  • MATERIAL: Alloy Steel, Leather

Reasons to Buy

One of best ever soldTop brand manufacturer
Quality between high cost itemsHigh reviews

Description: Occidental Leather has been the leading brand manufacturer of tool bags for carpenters. We have proven our quality for many years and now present you 9855 Model. This belt pouch is absolutely amazing to work with and has 24 pockets or holders for every day tools carpenters use. It can be easily adjusted to almost any size, and many women have thanked us for bringing this belt on market. We understand that it costs slightly higher than few of our collections but it is one of the best we have ever made.

What Others Say About This Item:

Lela Barrett from Madison: I got it for my hubby and he 100% loves it. Got him as a gift for his birthday and now he says that he thinks of me every time he wears it at work. My husband used to complain about his old carpenter belt and it was giving him red marks around waste. This one is absolute beauty and works like a charm “his words”.

Johnny from Plano: It looks like carpenters are going to do fashion modeling. I could never expect construction belt for tools be so good looking. All my friends that I work with now make fun of me, but I don’t care – it looks awesome and I love all the features.

Manuel Fletcher from Omaha: This carpenter pouch is very expensive comparing to many others but you get what you pay for. This is the best tool bag for carpenter you could wish for. Highly recommend it!

6. CLC Custom Leathercraft 2823

CLC Custom Leathercraft 2823

Ballistic Nail and Tool Bag, 10-Pocket

  • COLORS: Black
  • BRAND: Custom Leathercraft
  • MATERIAL: Double layer of rugged, lightweight ballistic poly fabric

Reasons to Buy

Number one pick on internetHighly recommended
Cheaper than most bagsAvailable throughout US

Description: This time we wanted to make nail and tool bag from ballistic fabric instead of traditional leather. It has overcome our expectation and became very popular amongst framers and other construction trades. We made 10 pockets for every day tools, traditional clip and loop for the hammer.

What Others Say About This Item:

Christopher Bradley from Reno: I tested this carpenters tool pouch for strength and was very surprised. It actually easily held my weight and nothing ripped. It has just enough space for right tools and nothing extra.

Benny from Miami: Superb tool bag for framers for such a low cost. I use it every day and its not worse than any fancy belt pouches other carpenters use. My one and only complaint about it is the clip for tape is sort of lose, but I think I bent it against something at work.

Kenneth Carson from Stockton: Got this belt for my son, and I think I should still it from him or something. He loves it but doesn’t use as often as I would. Good overall purchase and I can say I like to use it.

7. Custom Leathercraft 1620 Tool Bag

Custom Leathercraft 1620 Tool Bag

11 Pockets, Steel Hammer Loop

  • COLORS: Blue
  • BRAND: Custom Leathercraft
  • MATERIAL: Double layer of rugged, lightweight ballistic poly fabric

Reasons to Buy

Well known brandCost under 30$
Many small compartmentsSmall size but fits many tools

Description: Going slightly off track from usual tool belts and bags that we make every several years. This one is made out of poly fabric but is still very durable. You may think that leather is the only way, but we have proven otherwise. It fits everything you might need with such a small design. The idea was to serve several purposes with possibility for being used by other trades as well.

What Others Say About This Item:

Chad Bowman from Detroit: Im not a carpenter and don’t need super large bag for tools. This belt is exactly perfect for my equipment. I am land surveyor and carry mostly measuring items.

Shane from Mesa: Design of this bag is something else. It is made of leather and great for its purpose. I have had 4 or 5 different tool pouch belts over the years and this one is the best tool bag for carpenter so far. It can fit many items but at the same time feels small around waste. Bought it like a year ago and till now its in perfect condition.

Kenny Swanson from Miami: I want to start from one thing that bothers me. This carpenter pouch belt has very little use for upper pockets. They are kinda small and if I put nails there they fall off all the time. Other than that I have no complains I am a professional framer for 8 years and can recommend custom leathercraft tool bag.

8. Bucket Boss 3 Bag Tool Belt 55185-HVOY

Bucket Boss 3 Bag Tool Belt 55185-HVOY

Safety Yellow with High-Visibility

  • COLORS: 3M Scotchlite High Visibility
  • BRAND: Portable Products Inc.
  • MATERIAL: Double layer of rugged, lightweight ballistic poly fabric


Reasons to Buy

Recommended for safetySafety suspenders
Reflective strapsWorldwide standards

Description: Our company started making and supplying carpenters with safety equipment and tool pouch  belts in 1987. We were constantly recommended by unions and safety organizations. All our items supposed to increase awareness of safety at work and help with placement of tools. This specific model was tested before coming out to market and we are proud to be number one safety tool bag for carpenters.

What Others Say About This Item:

Kent Hughes from Chula Vista: Absolutely love this tool bag and im not even carpenter. It has lots of pockets and does feel excessive. It literally feels like a jacket with inside and outside pockets. Very comfortable and useful.

Cristina from Rochester: My boss suggested I purchase reflective vest for work. I was looking for something that can hold tools and have reflective lines. I was amazed that this item even exist and bought it right away. For me it is perfect, but obviously it does not work for many others.

Tommie Reyes from Wichita: I am a big guy and this tool vest doesn’t feel very comfortable. My work is around building warehouses and similar structures. There is always traffic around me and I need operators to see me all the time. This belt is good for items but I feel that you could work on adjusting straps more for larger people.

Overall Opinion on Best Tool Bag for Carpenter

After reviewing all tool bags for carpenters we can say that professionals can find something suitable for just over $110 on average. There are budget versions and there are extreme technical bags that will last much longer.

Also we have a bag with reflecting strips for safety purposes. The range is wide enough for everyone to find their top pick.

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